LED Flood Light Solution

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Who are we?

Lsleds Lighting Technology is an experienced LED lighting manufacturer offering high quality LED flood lighting solutions since 2005. We always strive to improve the quality of LED products with our R&D team. Our 10.000m² LED lighting factory in Shenzhen has over 800 experienced workers manufacturing over 5000+ high power luminary per month. We have a wide range of product line such as LED flood lamp, LED street light, high temperature high bay lighting, RGB flood light, track light and more.

Overall, using LED flood lights solutions have the following advantages. First, replacing to LED from HID lighting can reduce your power consumption up to 65%. Then, LED has 5 to 10 times longer service life than those traditional lamps, and hence you can enjoy life-long use without worrying about frequent replacement. As a modern light source, the LED flood lamp has become the best lighting solution for stadium lights because of its super bright illumination. Let’s explore our brand new 2018 LED lighting product line! If you have lighting project requiring DIALux photometric design, you are welcome to drop a message to our experts.


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